Carolina Kids Consignment
Tagging Tips & Instructions

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Great quality/gently used items accepted.

Both sales are seasonal consignment sales.  Please keep your items in season when participating.
Clothing:  100 clothing item limit, applies to all items required to be on hangers.
Items Not Accepted: 
Items not meeting the standard lead limits, phthalates standards, or safety standards can not be sold.  Consignors should be responsible sellers and verify their items are safe.
  • No craft/handmade items, unless approved.
  • No books older than 1990.  
  • No participation or vacation shirts:  These include school, church, sporting events, etc.
  • No costume metal jewelry.
  • Stuffed toys with eyes, noses, or other parts not securely fastened are not permitted.              
  • Items that are not working or in need of batteries.  These items will not sell, ESPECIALLY swings, bouncies, large toys, etc.  All items must be in working order.
  • No Formula or Edible items.


Tagging Tips:

Carolina Kids Consignment uses a bar code tagging system.  The bar code represents the consignor number and price. Handwritten consignor numbers are not utilized by the system.  Once you have registered, you will be able to generate and print tags for your items.  CONSIGNOR NUMBERS WILL NOT CHANGE.  You will keep the same consignor number as long as you continue to participate in future sales. 

Avoid changing or editing the computer format of the tags in any way.  This alters the bar code and the tags will not scan.  Print quality can also cause your tags not scan at the register.  If your tags look like the ink is running out—the tags will probably not scan.  Change the print quality in print setup to best or photo quality for an improved bar code image.  It can drastically improve the scan quality. 

We can enter your tags manually, if any of these situations occur.  It just takes a little longer.  J  

Consignors use card stock paper.  Card stock paper is similar in thickness as an index card.  Card stock differs in weight…the heavier the weight you choose, the stronger your tags will be.  Any color card stock paper will be fine, but please avoid card stock that is dark in color.  No plain paper tags.  The tags will not stay on your items.  

0-6 month onesies, sleepers, blankets, towels, bottles, socks, crib sheets 
Hanging clothing is best, but you may opt. to sell onesies and sleepers as a bundle in a ziplock bag.)
Use a zip lock bag and tape the tag on  the outside of the bag.  Tape the tag on three sides, allowing one side for quicker removal at check out.  Tape over the opening of the bag.
Pants, Pajamas, Coats, Costumes, Shirts, Dresses, shorts. 
100 clothing item limit per household.  This limit applies to all items merchandised on hangers.  Outfits displayed on one hanger will count as one item.  This limit does not apply to bagged infant items, toys, games, books, etc.)  
All items must be on hangers.  Pants should be pinned or ziptied onto the hanger.  Clothes pins or safety pins can be used to attach to the hanger or to attach multiple pieces together.  Avoid flipping the pants over the hanger, the pants will not stay on.  Wire hangers are preferred but any hanger will be fine.  Please place all garments on the hanger positioned so that when looking at the front of the garment…the top of the hanger resembles a question mark.  Hangers are not returnable because the hangers are not removed at checkout.    
Hair bows, hats, stockings, belts Use a zip lock bag and tape the tag onto the outside of the bag.  Tape the tag on three sides, allowing one side for quicker removal at check out.  Tape over the opening of the bag.  **Be sure to include size on the tag description.

Toys/Large Items/Strollers/Bouncies/etc.

**We are currently not reselling any cribs.

Tag the toys with the intention of keeping the tags attached and all pieces together.  Use zip lock bags for small pieces.  Use tape to attach the tag (OR) use a zip/cable tie reinforced with tape.  Please reinforce the hole punched area with tape.  (Stuffed Animals:  Limit of 2 per consignor, limit excludes battery operated and collectible stuffed animals.  In general, stuffed animals do not resell well.) 
Books, Games, Puzzles, DVDs, VHS: Use a zip lock bag and tape the tag onto the outside of the bag (OR) use painters tape to tape the tag directly to the book or box.  Painters tape can be removed easily without damaging the book or box. 

Maternity Clothing:  (Please only bring items that are trendy, like new condition, and seasonal.)   

Please keep seasons in mind when selling maternity.  Most pregnant women will only buy what is the current season.  Short sleeve shirts and dress attire are great for both sales, but with other items, buying ahead is their size can change rapidly.   

Junior Clothing:  Due to limited space on these racks...if your items do not meet the brand standard, the items may be pulled.   JUNIOR CLOTHING ONLY!!  PLEASE DO NOT BRING ITEMS THAT ARE NOT CURRENT JUNIOR STYLES.  OUR SPACE IS LIMITED.

Please keep junior clothing to name brand items.  You know how kids are…if it isn’t name brand it is hard to get them to wear it.  Suggested brands:  “American Eagle”, “Aeropostale”, ”Gap”, “Old Navy”, “Banana Republic”, “Ambercrombie”, “Express”, Hollister”, “Mudd”, etc.  Because adult sizes and junior sizes often times overlap…adult sizes in like brands only can be accepted.   
Shoes:  Limit of 5 per consignor Please take extra steps to ensure your shoes are connected together.  (Cable tie/Rubberbands/Etc.)  Small shoes should be secured in a zip lock bag.  If the shoes will not fit in a zip lock bag they should be secured together with a cable tie.   Shoes should be clean and in great condition.   Please place tape on the soles of each shoe with your consignor #, in case the tag is gets separated from the shoes.     


You may hole punch at any location on the tag.  The area designated is fine; however, if the tag is punched farther from the edge, it is even more secure and less likely to tear off.  Some “seasoned” consignors have secured the hole punched areas with tape or adhesive rings used on notebook paper.  Securing the hole punched area with tape is strongly suggested with toys, strollers, car seats, bouncies, etc.

Attaching tags to clothing:  Use a cable or zip tie to secure the tag to the garment.  Safety pins should only be used as a last resort due to no other option.  Use a belt loop, button holes, or collar tag to attach the price tag.  Keep the tag on the front of the item.  Nylon cable ties are secure and assist in preventing lost tags.  This type of cable tie can be purchased at Home Improvements Stores, Wal-Mart, etc. (Check the electrical section or automotive sections!) 

Why cable ties/zip ties??        

If you use a string or a safety pin, it can be untied or taken off and the prices can be switched.  By using a cable or zip tie, the only way to take the tag off, is to tear it, making it impossible for someone to switch out tags.  The tags also stay on far better using the cable ties.       

Be sure to include a good description.  Always include color, brand name, boys or girls.  This will help tremendously in the event a tag falls off!  Do not use S, M, or L sizes.  If a range is given for infant clothing-use the lower size.  (Ex. 3-6 months = 3 months)

No mark-overs on Prices:  Remember the barcode will represent the price.  If you make a mistake when completing a tag—start a new tag.  Changes made to a tag make it unable to be sold.  

50% off:  On the last day of the sale items are 50% off.  If you have items that you do not want priced 50% off, please be sure that the items are tagged appropriately.

Donating:  If you are generously participating in the Donation program place a capital “D” in a circle on the top right corner of the tag.  Items NOT marked for donation, and NOT picked up are disposed at the discretion of Carolina Kids Consignment.         

Items specified for donation will be donated to Me Fine Foundation.    If items are turned away at this facility due to lack of space, we will send the donations to alternate non-profit sites.

Dropping Off Items:  We will be accepting the items during the designated drop off days.  When you arrive, look for the large roll up door at the rear of the building.  Please plan to help put the items out.  If you are not able to help, we will arrange putting your items out for you.  However, we do ask that your items be pre-sorted by size and gender.      

Picking up Items after the sale:  Please plan to pick up your items during the pick up times.  Unfortunately, we have a limited amount of time to sort and clean out the facility.  Consignors that do not arrive for pick up will not be able to claim their items after the pick up day.  Items are immediately sent to donation. 

Please read carefully.  We want all consignors to decide when tagging, whether an item should be donated or not.  At the conclusion of every sale, we end up with piles of items that have been sorted that end up going to donation--due to not being picked up by the consignor.  Sorting is a time consuming task and marking the tag for donation can save us and all of the staff, helpers, and Baptist Center Church Youth HOURS of time.  PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE mark your items for donation, if you do not plan to pick up

Your Payment:  All consignor accounts will be reconciled and payments sent within 10 business days following the sale.  A $7.00 consignor fee is deducted from the final check. 

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.  We look forward to meeting you. 

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